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Well hello again!

Figured I’d update whoever might be reading this (and myself, I guess).

I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing for the summer until this morning.

I was going to just substitute at the job I did last summer (cleaning schools in town), but I’ve decided to do it full time.

They were looking for a couple of other people, and because I worked there last summer, I was basically given the job if I wanted it.

It’s a different school, and a couple of different people, so hopefully it will be a little better than my experience last summer.

I’m working with two boys, but hopefully they’ll be better than the boys from last summer.

I had the option to go to the same school as last summer, or switch to another school.

I decided I wanted to go to the other, slightly smaller, school, where I spent over a year working for one of the programs.

Now I’ll be back at that school, but cleaning it instead!

I think it’ll be okay.

And they’ll let me have time off if I need to go to interviews or anything; they understand, and that’s why the subs are hired.

It’s income, anyway.

I also might end up babysitting a bit for at least one family at church, which would be a little more income.

So I’ve got a summer job.

But so far, nothing for this fall.

I’m applying to practically anything at this point, but so far only one of the places I’ve applied have gotten back to me, and that was a no because of timing.

So that’s it for now.

Hopefully something will show up.