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Or: Go back to paper applications.

I miss paper job applications.

I like the idea of easy and potentially faster applications because of online stuff, but there’s no face-to-face.

Applications can get lost if you send them in online or via email.

There’s no guarantee someone’s going to look at it if it does get there, either.

I went in to apply at a location this afternoon and figured, Hey, plus for me that I’m applying in person, right?


At this particular company, the hiring process is completely computerized.

You fill out the application online (not a problem).

You take a skills assessment (also not a problem).

You wait for the manager to check what the computer system says about you.

If, as the system said for me, you do not meet the system’s minimum requirements, there’s nothing the manager can do, even if they seem to like you and appreciate that you came in in person and you kind of established a connection in conversation.

And that’s absolute bull.

I’m sorry, computer, but I should totally meet your minimum requirements.

For one thing, I worked in a place similar to you for three and a half years.

And for another, I answered all your questions with honest answers that I figured would be acceptable.

The manager was very apologetic, but the system doesn’t tell him why I don’t meet the requirements, so there isn’t even anything he can do but tell me to wait a month and try again.

And I think I would’ve been a pretty good part of that team.

So note to companies: Go back to paper applications and establishing a relationship with an applicant who takes the time to apply in person.