Week Two


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It’s my second week of school.

I went home over the weekend.

It was actually good that I was planning on going home, because they needed help at church.

Plus both my roommates were gone, so it would’ve been boring here at school.

Week two of the school year!

Is it sad that I kind of want it to be Christmas Break (or even the end of the school year) already?


Yes it is.

I am going to learn so much this semester.

And I have a car, so I can go places.

And stuff.

Apparently my one roommate’s mom is visiting tonight, so that’s kind of exciting. 🙂

Sunday at church the sermon was on relationship colors, which was interesting.

I’m gold.

I’d looked at the characteristics for each color before the service and figured I’d be either a blue or a yellow/gold and got yellow/gold, with blue as my second-highest result.

(Incidentally, blue and gold are my school colors!)

So that was fun.

And then yesterday afternoon I came back to school because I had to work.

I left home just after noon and got to school about two, which is awesome.

It took me two and a half hours to get home on Friday, partly because my GPS took me on weird back roads.

So getting back in two hours was good.

I unpacked some things and went to catch the shuttle—but the shuttle runs differently on Labor Day, so there was no shuttle when I needed it.

So I had to drive and walk ten minutes from where I parked to get to work.

Which was fine.

And then they let us leave work 15 minutes early, which was also totally fine. 😉


That’s a little bit of an update, for anybody still reading.



Oh hey.



It’s been about a month since my last post.

I’ve been busy and lazy.

I moved in at school yesterday Friday.

This year was not quite as bad as last year, crying-wise.

This was a thing I wrote on my Tumblr yesterday Friday.

Sometimes I regret transferring instead of coming in as a freshman.

I’ve missed out on a lot of apparently cool things.

But I wasn’t ready Freshman year.

I just wasn’t.

Transferring in last year was tough enough.

I have a feeling coming in as a Freshman would’ve been harder for me. Personally.

I would’ve been way more nervous and homesick as a Freshie than I was as a Junior—and I was nervous and homesick as a Junior, let me tell you.

I cried nearly the entire day I was moving in.

I was grateful that my roommates weren’t around and that people left me alone while I unpacked.

Freshman year, I probably would’ve bawled and begged to go home.

And although this is a Christian campus, staying at home and going to the church I grew up at was probably better for me than trying to come into a new church where I know no one.

You know?

But it has gotten better.

This year, I didn’t cry until my parents left, and then only a little.


Maybe this means that next year, when I (hopefully) have a job and a place of my own, I won’t cry at all when my parents leave.

So it does get better.


This weekend’s been fine.

Boring, but that’s typical of my weekends.

My roommates decorated today yesterday.

I mean, half their room had already been pretty decorated, but one of them went out and bought some stuff today yesterday.

So we decorated the living room and kitchen.

I get to go home next weekend!

Because it’s Labor Day and we don’t have school Monday.

Except I work.

But. Oh well.

Anyway, when I go home next weekend I’m going to bring some stuff back with me.

Decorations for my room (pictures and maybe some other stuff) and the books I left behind.

So that’s a thing.

My roommates are fine.

I met them once this spring, so I kind of knew a little bit about them already.

But they’re fun.

M went and bought a fish along with the other stuff and she and L have named him Oliver.

So there’s that.

And school starts on Monday tomorrow.

Last night was really interesting.

Most interesting first meeting ever.

One of L & M’s friends came over last night and things were really weird.

Interesting, and kind of awkward.

But I survived it.

I have a feeling this year is going to be very interesting.

Two weeks.

Aaaaaand it’s been two weeks since my last post.



I guess now that I’m done with my online class (I’m not even going to check my grade yet…), I have some more time for fun stuff!

My internet connection at the moment is not the fastest, which is slightly frustrating, but it’s still internet!

So, what’s been happening with me this summer?

I’m working nearly 40 hours a week cleaning a building, for one.

We’re close to the end–just about two weeks left–and it’s getting to the point where there’s almost nothing to do every day. It’s great.

I had my online class, and it’s done for the summer.

I had a slight mishap around a month ago that required a couple of stitches and several extra dentist appointments.

Thankfully it was not as bad as it could have been!

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much this summer.

Mostly working and a class that is now over.

And a little bit of family and friend stuff.

And church!

I’ve been helping out at church a lot more this summer, I think.

Which is fine.

I like helping.

We did a musical a couple of weeks ago–I helped with screen stuff. I got to listen to the same songs for a week! It was great!

And I’ve gotten into a couple of shows.

Bunheads is new, and pretty good. It’s by the lady who did Gilmore Girls, and it’s just as entertaining.

Covert Affairs is on season three, but I fell behind last season so I had to catch up!

My mom got me into Bunheads, and I got her into Covert Affairs. Yay? 🙂

Uhmm… I think that’s it for the night!

How’s your summer been so far?

Busy, busy.


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Have I really not posted in two months?

I’m a terrible blogger.

I’ve been pretty busy this summer, though.

Finals went okay.

I wasn’t thrilled about staying until Friday when Fall Semester I came home on like Wednesday, but I made it through.

Since then, it’s been work and hang out with friends and online class time.

Next week is my last week of my online class, for which I am glad.

I don’t even know my grade yet.

I just checked and the only things entered are the two quizzes I completed.

Oh well. I’m doing okay, I think.

With just those two quiz scores, I have something like a B in the course. Let’s hope everything else adds up to close to a B!

I have a final project worth 100 points due next week that I’m confused about, but I’ll get it done.

What’s really weird to me is that we can do an extra credit assignment (which I might do), but it’s only worth 20 points.


How does that only earn you 20 points?


Whatever. It would still be 20 extra points. (Provided I earn 20 points.)

I’ve had a few adventures so far this summer. I’ll update you on them soon!

But for now, I think it’s about time for dinner.

Hope your summer is going well!

Summer, hurry up.


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Next week is my last week of classes.

Then it’s Finals.

They’re at least a week later this year than they were last year, apparently.

My sister will be done this week.

A friend is done next week.

Another friend was done a week ago.

I just want it to be over.

I’m at the point where my motivation is pretty much gone and I just want my homework to write itself.

Add to that a sick family member and… well.

It’s not pretty.

So if you think of it, would you pray for my cousin? (Well, cousin’s son, but still a cousin.)

He’s been having a rough couple of weeks, and he’s not getting any better. At least, he wasn’t as of a few hours ago. It’s making me nervous, and we’re all pretty worried.

Flawless Friday: Nerves


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Happy Friday!

I’m really glad it’s Friday, and that I only have one more class today.

And Friday means Flawlessness!

At least, I’m trying to have it mean that as often as I can.

Anyway. Flawless.

Flawless Friday!

Today’s topic: Nerves.

Like, being nervous.

Not the nerves that are within your body.

Just to clarify.


So, this whole week has pretty much been full of nervousness.

I had an Art paper due yesterday that I didn’t start on until Wednesday.

I had a French project due yesterday that I didn’t really start until three hours before it was due.

I had a Spanish paper due today that I didn’t start until yesterday afternoon.

And on Tuesday I made plans to meet next year’s roommates … last night.

I was so nervous leading up to the meeting.

What if this turns out to be like this year and I don’t necessarily get along with them at first?

What if they’ve been friends forever?

What if I feel like a third wheel?

I didn’t need to worry.

I like them a lot.

They didn’t really become friends until recently.

We have a lot in common.

It was fun.

I think next year will be good.

Now I have to finish some stuff and wait for my interview this afternoon and then go to class.

My goal for the last few weeks of classes is to get most of my homework finished by Friday night so that I can have a lot of the weekend to just relax.

Let’s hope I can keep to that goal!

Have a good weekend!



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I suppose this could be a Flawless post, but I’m posting it today because I haven’t posted in a few days so.

I thought we were going on a field trip to the zoo.

We didn’t.

We sat in class for almost the full 2 and a quarter hours.

It was a bit of a let-down, but whatever.

I got a kind of compliment.

From my eccentric Art prof.

It was toward the end of the class, and the prof asked me what my major was.

I told him Media Communication, and he asked specifics, and I said production like video and stuff.

One of the guys in the class (one of two, and I have at least one other class with both of them) asked if I was going to LA (California) for a semester, because our school has a connection to a school there.

I said I wasn’t, and the prof asked if it was about money.

I said something like, “Well, yeah, part of it is money, but also being away from home for that long.”

The prof made some comment that I’ve forgotten, and I said “I’m more of a home-oriented person.”

The prof said that he really liked the way that I worded my reply, and that he liked how aware I am of myself, kind of.

It was interesting.

It was a surprise, for sure.

Kind of a pleasant one.

More proof that incredibly random things can have an effect.

In this case, a positive one. 🙂


I emailed next year’s roommates, and we’re getting together at least once before the school year is over.

We’re getting together this week one night to hang out for a while, and I’m excited.

They both sounded pretty excited in their emails, so hopefully next year will be good!

We’ll see!

Flawless Friday: On Feeling Stupid


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It’s Friday!!

This makes me happy.

And I have a Flawless post idea. 🙂

Flawless Friday!

In Spanish this morning, our prof seemed upset.

She had us read the first paragraph of an article from a chapter from the previous course.

And then she asked us questions about it.

When none of us could answer her questions correctly, she went on to the next person.

We were all really confused.

This went on for about five minutes, but it felt like forever.

She ended the rapid-fire question round and was a little nicer, but it was still very strange.

She asked us what the point of that was, and how we felt.

I said I felt like she was mad at us.

She asked us who gets treated that way a lot, and we talked about immigrants and the power of language and things like that. We talked about how some people learn more than one language as a power thing, or because it looks good on a résumé.

It was interesting, but some of us are sure she could’ve gone about getting the point across in a different way.

It was really strange to feel that useless and stupid.

I hadn’t considered that so many people actually go through that kind of thing.

It got a point across, but I think she could’ve maybe done it differently.

So that was a thing that happened today that made me think.

I needed this tonight.


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I watched two Veggie Tales movies tonight.

Because that’s what the cool kids do on Friday nights.

Anywho, the first one I watched was It’s a Meaningful Life.

veggie tales

I didn’t stop it before the credits like I sometimes do, and it was a good thing I didn’t.

I found this song:

After my earlier post, this was a blessing and a wake-up call.

And then I watched Sweetpea Beauty


and discovered this song:

which I also needed.

So thank you, Veggie Tales.

Flawless Friday: Sisters


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Flawless Friday!

Today’s Friday.

I’ve learned some things in the last less-than-24 hours.

My sister spent the night here last night.

Because today she goes to the airport for a weekend trip to see family and check out a school.

And school is relatively close to the airport, at least closer than home.

And she didn’t have classes today.

So she drove here after classes yesterday.

She got here around 7, a bit later than I thought she would.

Her GPS stopped working and she had to call our mom to get directions.

And then she got turned around when she was on campus as to how to get to my room. Oops.

But she found me!

And we went out for dinner, because we were both hungry.

And then we just hung out the rest of the night, until around an hour ago when she left.

Her flight isn’t until tonight, but she’s going to run some errands and when she gets bored of shopping she’s going to head to the airport.

It’s not like there’s anything super-exciting to do on-campus with your boring older sister who has nothing to do all day, right?

So she’s off doing her own thing.

Now, she’s very much an independent person.

She goes places by herself.

She’s driven herself to visit friends up to I suppose four hours away from home several times this (school) year.

I pointed that out to my mom once and she made a comment about independence or something, and I said something like, “She also has more friends than I do.”

Because it’s true. She has more friends to go see than I do.

When I’m home, I hang out with four close friends, max.

Sister, on the other hand, has multiple friends to spend time with.

She needs people.

She’s an extrovert. She has to be around people.

She has her alone time, but if she’s not doing something with people, she’s bored.

I, on the other hand, am a freaking recluse.

I don’t make friends easily.

I don’t leave my room much because I haven’t made too many friends with whom I feel I can hang out with randomly.

My roommate has people over sometimes (I think we’re hosting food and games tonight), but aside from my family coming to visit on very rare occasions, nobody’s here for me.

Sometimes (like now) it hurts.

Sometimes not having friends around, not being invited to do things, hurts.

Sometimes, if I think about it too much, it hurts so much that I cry.

I know that I’m an introvert, that I can’t stand being around too many people for too long.

I know that there are certain people I can’t stand in general.

And I know that half the time I reject invitations to do things for various reasons.

But even with all that said, sometimes I just want people to ask me to do stuff.

I want to know that people are thinking about me.

I want to feel that people actually care that I exist.

Is that too much to ask?