Holy wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.

Almost a year.


I’ve been on Tumblr (mainly this one) a lot more than here.

I have a part-time job, but I’m looking for other things.

I can’t really live on what I’ve got now, so I need at least another part time job, if not something full time.

I have an interview tomorrow, and I’m applying for something tomorrow.

We’ll see how that goes.

I’m watching the Olympics, although there are events I don’t care about as much as others.

Now that the ice skating is done I’m not as worried about events, but bobsled and snowboarding are kind of fun to watch.

I just don’t really like watching team events, mostly because there are too many people to try to focus on at once.

What else is going on?

Oh, I’m going on a mission trip with church in June!

I’m excited for it. 🙂

My mom is in charge of it, mostly, so she’s got lots to do besides working late at her job, so it’s interesting trying to help her with ideas and stuff.

Ummmmm… that’s all for now.

I have too much free time on my hands (too much TV…), and I’m looking for jobs, and… yep.

I just realized that fact yesterday, actually. So that’s fun.