I’ve seen this on several blogs recently (Tina‘s for one), and decided that I wanted to do it, too. 🙂

A = Age: ALMOST 20!!

B = Bed size: I’m honestly not even sure. Twin?

C = Chore you dislike: Laundry. I hate putting my laundry again. Case in point: my mom brought clean clothes down yesterday and they’re still sitting on my bed, where I put them this morning so they weren’t cluttering the floor.

D = Dogs: Used to have a Cavachon named Cooper. That was when I was in 7th grade. I remember because the night before Confirmation Sunday, my dad asked me if it was okay that he miss me “speaking” in church (all I was doing was saying a verse!). When he told me it was ’cause he was leaving early to go get our new puppy, I was totally okay. 😉

E= Essential start to your day: Er, the Internet? It’s embarrassing to say, but sometimes I don’t eat breakfast. And I don’t shower every morning. And I haven’t devo-d in the AM in a long time. The one constant in my mornings is checking the internet.

F = Favorite color: Uhm… I used to say purple. Then I changed to blue. Now, I’m tempted to say gold. Hahahaha.

G = Gold or silver: Silver. My watch is silver. My class ring is silver. The ring I got after my grandmother died is silver. Most of my necklaces (which I don’t wear much) are silver. I like silver.

H = Height: 5’. Basically. Maybe an inch or so. But basically 5 feet.

I = Instruments you play(ed): I took piano in 3rd & 4th grade. I remember nothing. I attempted trumpet around 5th grade. Didn’t last long.

J = Job title: College student. Sales associate.

K = Kids: Don’t have any.

L = Live: In Minnesnowtah. 😉

M = Mom’s name: Starts with a D. 🙂

N = Nicknames: Becca, Bec… Used to be BecBec or BB.

O = Overnight hospital stays: Uhhhh… does 90 days after birth count? Nothing since.

P = Pet peeves: Chairs not pushed in. Swearing. People who drive RIGHT BEHIND YOU when you’re DOING THE SPEED LIMIT. (This happened to me today. Unless my speedometer is broken. Which I doubt.)

Q = Quote from a movie: “It’s so FLUFFY!”

R = Righty or lefty: Righty!

S = Siblings: Younger sister. Also right now the exchange student, J, counts as a sister. 🙂

T = Time you wake up: Around 7:30 or 8. (Don’t you wish you were back in college? :P)

U = Underwear: White?

V = Vegetables you don’t like: Uhm…Can’t think of any. That I’ve eaten, anyway.

W = What makes you run late: Oversleeping. Distractions.

X = X-rays you’ve had: For braces. I think maybe my abdomen at one point for something.

Y = Yummy food you make: Mac-n-cheese? Haha.

Z = Zoo animal favorites: Penguins! (Yay, Tina and I agree. :))

AND because I’m bored and like to entertain myself with this kind of thing, here’s answers to one from Caitlin!

1) Olympic sports?

I wouldn’t be in any. =\ I prefer to watch, depending on what it is.

2) New school rule? (If you were principal.)

If I were principal of adult-world (does this = president??), as Caitlin puts it, I’d probably… make people take a course in communicating. Hahaha. I like my Intercultural Comm class!

3) Public speaking? (In front of 20 people.)

I hate it, but I’ve had to do it.

4) $100 to give away?

Uhm…I’d give to charity. I think.

5) Favorite sport to play and watch?

I don’t play sports. Hence not being in the Olympics. But I like to watch figure skating, gymnastics, and Olympic swimming. Oh, and the skiing/luge.

6) Favorite season?

I think Spring. It’s warming up again! (Except MN is being hormonal…)

7) What do you want to be when you grow up?

I honestly don’t know. Something awesome.

8)  Meet anyone in the world?

ACK. I want to meet a lot of people. Don’t make me choose… Jonny Diaz, Rhema Marvanne, Joel Sonnenberg, and Nick V, to name a few. Also my blogger friends!

9) Would you scuba dive?

Maybe. I don’t know.

Also, how awesome is THIS? :O